Itinerary Change

July 6th, 2011

7-6-11Traveling into Kentucky further south than I had originally planned this past weekend, I decided that I would head even further south, into Louisville, Kentucky this upcoming weekend, before making my way into Indiana. I made it to La Grange, Kentucky which took me right past the site of this week’s upcoming NASCAR event, of course I had to get a picture. A passenger in a pickup truck which passed by, shouted, “Your bus should get the checkered flag in every race.” People from every demographic love The Kindness Bus.
La Grange provided a beautiful setting for a late evening ride. Many residents in their yards were enjoying the beautiful weather as I passed by on The Kindness Bicycle. The response to the signs was a huge success. I had conversations with a couple of groups of people about all of us treating each other with respect; a trait we seem to have grown away from doing in this country, in this world.

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