Ronald McDonald House

July 17th, 2011

7-17-11Making a stop at The Ronald McDonald House in Evansville was on my “must do” list. These facilities across our nation are helping families during their most challenging moments by providing housing at or near the hospital their child is staying for care. Carolyn and Carrie were kind enough to give me an informative synopsis of their facility when I showed up unannounced.
I went to a late morning service at the Catalyst Church in Evansville. I was an invited guest, to come and find out about all the excitement. This “family” welcomed me with open arms. David Whitmore who heads this group used to work exclusively with teens. With his passion for bringing goodness to the community, it’s no wonder the interest in this church is so great.
While riding my final couple of miles of my 30 mile ride into the streets of a neighborhood on the way back to The Kindness Bus this evening, a car with a couple of young men returned to follow me into these quiet streets. Ian, one of the young men who works at the local Boys and Girls Club, jumped out of his car to talk with me. He shared with me the fact that awareness of these 2 issues is so important as he occasionally hears from of the children in his charge that they are being abused.
Thank you to Derek and News25 for an interview which seemed to make The Kindness Bicycle the most popular vehicle in Evansville today.

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