Safety First

July 1st, 2011

7-1-11The mileage on the sign sounds too good to be true, and is. We have a little over 5,800 miles to go on this 6 month Kindness Bicycle Tour. Time and miles are flying by. We are about to begin our 8th week and have logged over 1,600 miles. My point A to point B to point C original plan has been traded in for safety sake. Frankly, I have no clue how bicyclists travel cross-country on Route 50 in areas where the bike lane is barely the white line on the edge of the road for hundreds of miles. Blind curves and blind hills are the norm where cars and trucks travel 55mph just a few inches off your handlebars. I have been riding in and near cities and towns and getting huge visibility and press as I press-on westward. As of today I am over my mileage by nearly 50 miles, with many more to add to that total, as I ride on relatively flat terrain for the next 2,000 miles.
Today I received a great response while riding because of the interview which was played this morning on the Dan and Mike Show from 1490 WBEX Chillicothe.
Most offices were closed today for the long holiday weekend, adding thousands of more cars on the road than usual, giving the Kindness Bus Tour added exposure.

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