Stop This in Your Generation

July 10th, 2011

7-10-11A generation capable of so many things; if they were taught the right things. Six thousand students descended on Louisville for a week of being inspired in the Nazarene way. The Kindness Bicycle / Bus Tour was here for the final 3 days of their visit. Six thousand students as a captive audience, more or less, as The Kindness Bus was parked outside of the main entrance for 2 of those 3 days and my bicycle ride took me past their conference a few times per day. My message to them was that they could stop Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse in their lifetimes; the message was met with a huge response.
It was a hot one today, with temperatures reaching 90 degrees by noon and rising in the afternoon. I struggled to reach my total of 32 miles today with a visit to the Cosair Children’s Hospital, lunch with Patti, a new dear friend and supporter, a filming for a Youtube channel and dozens of conversations. I push north into Indiana tomorrow. Maybe it will be 20 degrees cooler.

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