July 21st, 2011

7-21-11Stopping Woman Abuse Now Executive Director, Linda Bookwalter has been at her position at this Olney, Illinois shelter for 29 years. When she took the position in 1982, she and another employee were the only Domestic Violence workers at a three bedroom home that served as the county’s shelter. Today there are more than 2 dozen employees serving 14 counties and offering services for those affected by Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse, homelessness and other social needs. Dave, the Elder Abuse counselor met with and gave me the statistics on Domestic Abuse and Elder Abuse and how they are having to do more, with less money due to budget cuts. Linda then met with me, telling me about how she just goes with the changes, good or bad, and looks for the hope in each case where improvement happens individually in what she likes to call “little packages.” It is what keeps her going.
Today was another scorcher with at least another week of temperatures predicted to be in the mid to upper 90s and the Heat Index above 110. At this pace, my “banked miles” will be gone by week’s end.

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