Tenacre School and LaGrange, KY

July 7th, 2011

7-7-11 APlanting seeds of kindness for future generations is what Tenacre School is doing by planting trees in their7-7-11 B Branch Out – The Kindness Project. Members of the Tenacre community wrote about an act of kindness they either witnessed of performed and then hung these “Kindness Blossoms” from the trees before they planted them on school property. This project was the brainchild of Lee Frechette, one of Tenacre’s board members. I received a very heartfelt email from Lee telling me of the lasting effect my visit has had on their campus. I somehow think I was “preaching to the choir” when I visited this very special learning environment named Tenacre.
7-7-11 CToday in La Grange, I visited with Kathy Dowling a Mental Health Professional whose mission is to help clients create solutions to life challenges. Many of the people she helps are victims of Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse. As an expressive art therapist, she helps even the most inarticulate individuals, appropriately and effectively, express themselves. Creating a piece of art can initiate people, to share openly, some of the thoughts they have not been addressing, leading to the beginning 7-7-11 Dof the process of healing.
Today’s weather in La Grange, and most of the eastern United States can be described by one of my least favorite alliterations; Hazy, Hot and Humid. I waited until the late afternoon to ride and guessed right as a storm blew through the area and lowered the humidity considerably.

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