Twinsburg, Ohio PD Officer Joshua Miktarian

July 13th, 2011

7-13-11It is hard for me to believe that exactly 3 years ago today I was traveling through Twinsburg, Ohio and I heard on the radio of Officer Miktarian’s senseless death; I had moments earlier passed by a memorial on the side of the road; I turned around in disbelief of the coincidence. Last year I found myself, coincidentally, once again in Twinsburg a few days before the 2nd anniversary of his death. I searched for and visited the beautifully landscaped and brick paved area where a granite monument rests in his honor. I felt compelled to write about him, to honor him, in my blog that day, called, “In the Line of Duty.” Chief Noga of the Twinsburg Police even took the time to write me in return for paying my respects.       This year, I plan to pay my respects to hero Officer Miktarian and many other heroes, children aren’t hearing of enough.
On February 20th 2012, I will begin a 3,000 mile, 4 month bicycle ride from southern California to Jacksonville, Florida to honor Officer Miktarian and all fallen protectors of our freedoms, I will also ride for the Wounded Warrior Project. In late June I will visit the good people of Wounded Warrior Project, located in Jacksonville. I will then head north in The Kindness Bus to Twinsburg, Ohio for the 4th anniversary of the death of Officer Miktarian.
While on the road during those 4 months, we will visit schools to talk to children about heroes like Officer Miktarian. I will also visit with veteran’s groups and Veteran Hospitals. Children need to hear much more frequently about the real heroes in all of our lives.
My prayers to the entire Miktarian family, his family of Officers at the Twinsburg Police Department and the hundreds of friends he has. As Chief Noga said in his letter to me, “He is still with us in so many ways.”

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