Veteran’s Hospital and Louisville, KY

July 8th, 2011

7-8-11 AOn my way to Louisville, a road sign noted that a Veteran’s Hospital was a mile away on a side road. 7-8-11 BHow could I pass by without stopping in, especially when I just wrote about this topic on Facebook.  My first two contacts were Meg Rios and Marybeth Stewart. These two angels listened as I told them of the Kindness Bicycle Tour and an announcement I will be making the middle of next week. They were and will continue to be a big help for my mission as I travel about. All three of us were born in ’55 and Meg decided to call us the “Double Nickles.”  Mary Jane Crowder, Director of Volunteer Services and Rhonda Smith, Voluntary Service Specialist took the time to meet with me and tell me of some of the Wounded Warrior heroes.
The hospital was so busy for the amount of staff so I was unable to meet with any heroes but Marybeth told me of how Louisville Slugger and Arizona State are funding a Wounded Warrior baseball team. What a great way to show these Wounded Warriors how thankful and proud we are of them.
I Stopped at the Women and Children’s Center in Louisville to make an appointment with the director for Monday morning before I leave. They were so excited to see me arrive on The Kindness Bicycle.
Riding through the streets of Louisville, my bicycle received all sorts of attention. Jack and Amanda who just applied for their marriage license were big cheerleaders for my cause. 6,000 high school students are in Louisville for an annual Church of the Nazarene, “Be Un-Broken” conference. The Kindness Bus and Bicycle were a big hit with them. Jon Chrisos an anchor for WAVE 3 TV, an NBC affiliate in Louisville did a nice interview about The Kindness Bicycle Tour which will run this weekend. So many nice people stopped and talked with me while I was on The Kindness Bike and near The Kindness Bus. Lincoln Crum, a local resident stopped by to lend his support and talked about adding One Million Acts Of Kindness to his Youtube channel. Louisville is one very friendly town.

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