My Outdoor Office and Kindness Certificates

August 17th, 2011

Riding The Kindness Bike for up to 8 hours a day leaves little time to keep up with office work, especially this time of year, when school is about to start. I make a lot of phone calls to schools across the country to promote One Million Acts Of Kindness. Multi-tasking on The Kindness Bike lets me raise awareness about Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse and promote One Million Acts Of Kindness to schools.
One website puts me in contact with every school in the United States, affording me the opportunity to reach every school age student in the country through their principal or counselor. The website is
Kindness Certificates and One Million Acts Of Kindness Week are the perfect anti-bullying measure. Students with a constant mind set of kindness have an awareness of how important it is to respect one another. Please spread the word about our Kindness Certificates. They can be found on the homepage of our website.
We have a couple of very busy days ahead, with visits to the Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence and LifeHouse Child Advocacy Center.
The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center in Topeka is our home base for the next few days, they are even letting me put on several performances of my puppet show.
Today’s proposed ride of 52 miles fell a handful shy of the total. I am hoping to ride many bonus miles the next few days, along the beautiful paved paths in Topeka.

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