Red Dog, Free Sushi, 3 Flat Tires, and One of the Best Rides Ever

August 13th, 2011

8-13-11Don “Red Dog” Gardner has been doing his best at what he does for the good of the Lawrence, Kansas community for the past 27 years. A former Marine, he started an exercise program for local high school athletes that has grown into several free classes a week that thousands in the community take part attending. I was one of the lucky guests today. Thank you Red Dog for letting me ride The Kindness Bicycle for all to see.
Riding mid-morning and needing to hydrate we stopped in to a local grocery and were discovered by Eric, a manager of a local sushi restaurant. He was blown away at The Kindness Bicycle Tour and had his friendly staff roll some incredible denizens of the deep. Thank you Eric.
I am somewhat mechanically inclined, today I was stumped however. My inner tube has been losing air and I finally replaced it. Soon after replacing it with another, the 2nd one had an even faster leak. Thinking that perhaps Bogart used that inner tube as a chew toy, I replaced it with the 3rd, that tire was flat in 5 minutes. What is causing it, I thought. I water tested all three and found all of them were leaking in the same place. I searched the tire for a nail in the tread and looked for twenty minutes to no avail. I replaced the tire and the inner tube one last time, problem solved.
Tonight was incredible. With a total of nearly fifty miles today I got to thinking that on the next picture perfect day, I’m riding my 1st century. (100 miles)

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