Rose Brooks Center

August 9th, 2011

8-9-11With a full day planned, I hit the ground riding, on an early morning ride of the Kindness Bicycle, to get exposure from a captive audience of rush hour commuters, stopped at a very busy intersection. Before I made it out of the parking lot, a local
2nd grade teacher stopped me to tell me she had seen the newscast of One Million Acts Of Kindness on television last week. She told me of how she and her class perform Closet Kindness, acts of anonymous kindness. What a talented, caring teacher and what very lucky students.
Today I met with Sarah North of Rose Brooks, a center which offers several services and programs for victims of Domestic Violence. This center is doing everything right and is bursting at the seams because of an increased demand. They have plans for an addition to their existing residence building because of an overflow of residents who are sleeping where they can. The two programs I loved to hear about on my walk through with Sarah were; Project SAFE, a support and guidance program which helps children deal with an ongoing abusive relationship and trains school personnel to better help students, and Children’s Programming, where children learn to express themselves through art therapy, play and sports so counselors can connect, to prepare them for a better life ahead. This center is doing amazing work even with the overload of residents.
Thank you to NBC Kansas City for their piece on my visit to Rose Brooks.

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