Teach a Woman to Fish

August 2nd, 2011

8-2-11It is heating up out here! Not only was it hot outside today, 110 degrees in downtown Kansas City, The Kindness Bicycle Tour is heating up with the local news. FOX4, Kansas City’s biggest television station and The Kansas City Star, its newspaper sent out reporters out to battle the heat and get the story on One Million Acts Of Kindness and The Kindness Bicycle Tour. I couldn’t have been more excited to get so much press in a town of this size.
Having a way of being self-sufficient is one very big hurdle for a woman when she moves out on her own. Having skills for the workplace is a big help in re-establishing life after living in a home with an abuser. I hear from many coalitions that many of their success stories come from women who are able to support themselves because of their education.
Today’s weather certainly wasn’t conducive to riding The Kindness Bicycle. I rode for 3 hours and was done by 10AM as the temperature was nearing 100 degrees by mid-morning.

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