The Kindness of Los Angeles

August 4th, 2011

8-4-11The Kindness Bus/Bicycle Tour will be in Los Angeles for more than a month beginning in late November and then again in early 2012. There is a great deal of interest in One Million Acts Of Kindness and The 8,400 mile Kindness Bicycle Tour in southern California. I came here for a couple of meetings for the next few days and will return to The Kindness Bus in Kansas City this weekend. Being that Los Angeles is such a sprawling city, I am also going to spend my spare time trying to seek out the best places for high visibility.
It didn’t take long for the kind acts to start from people in Los Angeles wanting to help, by offering to volunteer time or lending support to One Million Acts Of Kindness and The Kindness Bicycle Tour. One such example was for the owner of Patina, one of the nicest restaurants in Los Angeles, located in the LA Philharmonic building, to show his kindness by providing bottled water for a long drive to the desert.

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