Willow Center, Lawrence, Kansas

August 11th, 2011

8-11-11Never before have I seen such excitement, prior to a visit at a Domestic Violence Center. I had8-11-11 B two contacts by board members to see if The Willow Center would work into the schedule of The Kindness Bicycle Tour, I was also sent an advance email, formally inviting me to a luncheon meeting at the Willow Center. I never could be made to feel more welcome. ┬áThese women get it! There was such great interest as we met “town hall” style and brainstormed how our two organizations could do our work more efficiently for the betterment of those we serve. One of the women talked of when women call the crisis line that she helps by focusing on the many problems presented, by solving them one at a time, giving the caller great hope in seeing her problems being solved in this fashion.
One of the very creative ways The Willow Center raises money is by the Red Shoe calendar. This calendar is the brainchild of board member, Cathie Rodkey. All twelve months are represented by a photo of local celebrities “putting their best foot forward,” while wearing 6″ red high heels. All of the men in this calendar, took part in the Willow’s, “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event. I love it!!
News travels quickly in this town as one of the viewers of the NBC Kansas City piece of two days ago, contacted the Lawrence Journal World to let them know of our visit to their town. Reporter Chris Hong contacted me and he and his cameraman met me for a future article. The kindness of people is in no shortage in this town as Chris invited me and Nathan to dinner at his house for homemade pasta from scratch. We stayed late, “solving all of the world’s problems” over some homemade wine brought by Quentin, one of Chris’ friends.
Thank you to everyone, for making today a very special day.

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