“You, Are Your Gift to the World”

August 15th, 2011

8-15-11A positive message to say the least is
“You, are your gift to the world.” In creating this phrase, I tried to find words to inspire. You CAN be the most incredibly kind person on the face of the earth; it is only you standing in the way of making this a reality. This is the life all of us need to live. “It’s a choice.”
We began our 4th month yesterday of The Kindness Bicycle/Bus Tour to raise awareness about Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse. Today seemed to be a day of conversation with dozens of people. I talked with Danni who is such a great role model for her 3 daughters. They had seen The Kindness Bicycle previous to my talking with her and she told me that it started a great conversation in their family. Cathie from The Willow Center stopped by to take some photos of me in red heels for a possible appearance in The Red Shoe calendar.  Kevin and Melissa, a young couple stopped by The Kindness Bus to show their support. Kevin just got back from Afghanistan and was thrilled to see such a positive message.  A big thanks to Natalya for the huge interest and hospitality.
Today was supposed to be an off day but I rode thirty miles to whittle away at the deficit of over two hundred miles. The picture I used today is of the beauty of the flora along the path I rode.

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