September 8th, 2011

9-8-11Child Advocacy and Parenting Services Program Director, Deb Jensen took the time to meet with me today at their offices in Salina, Kansas to explain all of the services they provide to the community. Entering their facility I found myself in a child-friendly room named Chris’s Place. This reception area is designed to make a child who has been sexually abused feel comfortable before being interviewed about past experiences. Deb is an energetic, passionate individual who puts so much into her work, spoke proudly of the successes of protecting children and how diligently everyone works to help children gain their lives back by prosecuting the sexual offenders and forever removing them from the child’s life. I was very impressed by all the help this organization is providing to the families in Saline county.
Karl Man reporter for KWCH 12 flagged me down in the downtown area of Salina to learn of The Kindness Bicycle/Bus Tour. Karl was the consummate professional as he covered every detail of what my mission is accomplishing through awareness. Thank you Karl for such an in-depth piece.
With all of the time spent talking in meetings and with people I met on the streets of Salina, I came up about 10 miles short of my needed total for the day. I will ride on one of my days off this weekend to whittle down my deficit of nearly 300 miles.

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