Colorado College

September 14th, 2011

9-14-11I have been awaiting this day for quite some time. The opportunity to talk at this college has personal significance; my daughter is a senior at this beautiful campus. As a father, this talk was very important to me, especially having her sitting front and center and having all of her friends in attendance. What a blast! I had the time of my life, talking about the importance of their lives to those in need and trying to inspire them to devote their lives to a charity they are passionate about. I talked about One Million Acts Of Kindness and the current Kindness Bicycle/Bus Tour to raise awareness about Domestic Violence and Childhood Sexual Abuse. The response from everyone was overwhelming. I was so honored and one very proud dad to have this very unique opportunity afforded to me.
Huge kudos to Bethany Grubbs, Student Life Specialist for Campus Activities at Colorado College for arranging my visit. Thank you!
Thank you to everyone for braving some of the worst weather Colorado Springs has seen in a very long time to come to my talk.

After tonight’s talk with the students, Lizzie, several of her friends and I were treated by Danny the manager of the Chipotle near the Colorado College campus. A big One Million Acts Of Kindness thank you to Chipotle!

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