Peruvian Hearts

September 16th, 2011

9-16-11One of the students I talked with at Colorado College last night was Ana. Ana asked if we could meet to talk about how she is helping children in need, before I left town to head north.  I meet so many amazing people as I travel, few more amazing or passionate than Ana. As an infant in Peru, Ana was adopted by parents from the US, she went from a life of very little, to a life of having everything she could ever need.  At the age of 11, Ana took a trip back to her hometown of Cusco, Peru and couldn’t believe the extremely impoverished region where she once lived.
At the age of 11, Ana decided to start a non profit. Ana saw a very big need and a very big way of giving back to help the children of Cusco. Ana started Peruvian Hearts, an organization to help feed and educate children in her former home. Through the generosity of donors, Peruvian Hearts is the sole supporter of an orphanage in the area and they feed hundreds of children each day with their Nutrition for Change program. One of the newest programs and for which Ana is most proud is a leadership program for young women called Peruvian Promise; it helps these women to become leaders of their communities through education, mentorship and service to others.
I am honored to have met Ana.
Please visit to learn of Ana’s passion and how you can help these children in Peru.

One other reason Ana met with me was to tell me of all the Domestic Violence which is widespread throughout Peru. She wanted advice on how to approach the issue in her family in that country. It must be discussed was my advice.

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