University of Colorado at Boulder

September 18th, 2011

9-18-11Much of what takes place in Boulder, Colorado revolves around the University. Thirty thousand students add to the excitement and life of this town. This campus is so accessible and the Kindness Bicycle will be on every inch of its bike paths.
While on this campus I am going to change the front sign to address Dating Violence. Every college has its share of problems with physically abusive men and their action towards their female partners. A great website for researching this type of behavior is Their information on Dating Violence 101 should be required reading for everyone.  The educational tools on this website and others are helping to inform what is acceptable behavior by dating partners and what warning signs to watch for as a relationship grows. With websites like Break the Cycle, some of the information may prove to be just what some men need to see, to help them curb their behavior before it becomes violent.

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