100 Miles for Defending the Defenseless

October 16th, 2011

10-16-11Until the beginning of my travels on The Kindness Bicycle/Kindness Bus Tour and talking with Domestic Violence Advocacy professionals across this country, I had never before heard the term “Elder Abuse” used. It was a shock upon hearing it for the very first time. I had to ask myself, did I just hear that! It has bothered me since and have now heard the term dozens of times. Today I decided to do something about it because I believe that most people are as naïve as me, when it comes to this issue. I decided to call attention to the tragedy taking place in this country with respect to the elderly, by riding The Kindness Bicycle 100 miles, with a very visible sign on the front. The results of my 12 hour ride were astonishing; I never before received so many ovations from complete strangers. For a person to clap their hands or verbally respond to me as I rode by shows a large sector of our society interested in protecting seniors. This is very encouraging, to say the least, but people need to get involved in this issue, across our nation.
Because of the large number of baby boomers reaching retirement age, this epidemic will increase in numbers over the next couple of decades. All of us will know someone or be related to someone who will be abused. The general public needs to be fully aware of this issue to stop this existing immoral behavior and impending social epidemic. With the wealth of information and a lifetime of experiences, seniors are this country’s most valuable resource. They deserve our total respect, it even says so on the side of The Kindness Bus.
For information on elder abuse; visit the National Center on Elder Abuse website at; www.ncea.aoa.gov or you can call to receive further information on elder abuse at; (855)500-3537

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