A Two Hour Act of Kindness

October 11th, 2011

Aaron owns a local McDonalds in Boulder, Colorado. He says that seeing The Kindness Bus gives him a good feeling. He loves it even more when it is parked in his parking lot. He gave me permission to leave it in his parking lot, during my trip to Cleveland for Bogart’s return to The Kindness Bus Tour. Aaron called me about a week ago to say that he wished to talk with me; we finally found time to meet.
The Kindness Bus has inspired Aaron to think about the good he can do for those in need. He is a very busy man and it has been a great reminder for him during his hectic schedule. Aaron has teenaged children and wants them to see all the messages on The Kindness Bus. He is a role model in action.
Aaron was driving with his family recently when they witnessed a fourteen year old girl crying by the street corner. The girl only spoke French so she was unable to tell Aaron what the problem was. It was discovered after a while that she was only in this country for a few weeks and that somehow she was separated from her mother and couldn’t find her way to her new home. The entire episode of questioning the girl and driving her to her mother took two hours. The lesson in kindness was witnessed by Aaron’s children and the jubilation shown by the mother upon being reunited with her daughter will not be forgotten by all parties involved. Aaron is a role model in action.
Today’s weather, as is supposed to be the case for the next several days, was perfect for The Kindness Bicycle Tour. I am loving this beyond words.

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