Champions for Children Event

October 4th, 2011

10-4-11Blue Sky Bridge had their 1st annual “Champions for Children” event this evening. The team of staff, volunteers and advocates from Blue Sky Bridge put together an evening to honor those who helped with volunteering, education, donating, leadership and advocating for the well-being of children in need. Rueben’s Bistro, a local restaurant in Boulder provided the food, drinks and space for this event. Executive Director, Judy Toran Cousin led the evening’s festivities, keeping the audience informed of the award recipient’s charitable deeds. I had the honor of talking with a number of the award recipients. Well respected, Boulder County District Attorney, Stan Garnett is doing incredible work protecting children from harm and some children from further harm from perpetrators. He thanked me for the mission I am on to raise awareness. Donor, Chuck Marcy took the time at evening’s end to talk with me outside by The Kindness Bicycle. Chuck and his wife Cindy play an integral part in keeping Blue Sky Bridge operating. What an evening of well over 100 attendees, many who already heard of One Million acts Of Kindness because of the staff at Blue Sky Bridge. Thank you to everyone.
During my ride today I had more conversations than most days. Betsy and Sandy who are educators stopped me as I was arriving back at The Kindness Bus, they left with Kindness Certificates to spread across the State of Arizona.

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