Field Notes on the Compassionate Life

October 2nd, 2011

10-2-11Marc Ian Barasch circled around the block after seeing The Kindness Bus and realizing that I possibly was involved in some way. He introduced himself and gave me his brief bio, of which, author,  piqued my immediate interest. Marc has written a number of books but the one he handed to me is in perfect align with what I do. He gave me a brief synopsis, saying that what I am doing is what the book talks about in great detail. “Field Notes on the Compassionate Life; A Search for the Soul of Kindness” is an amazing read. It inspires the reader to reach for the higher purpose in life. Accolades for this book are many; most are by well known luminaries in the self-help/spiritual field.
Marc saw the potential of me generating interest in his book as I travel, it is the perfect compliment to my work. I recommend this book to any and all as a way to encourage oneself to ascend to a level of pure charitable works.  The website for Marc’s book can be found at
Marc also started the Green World Campaign which can be found at

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