My Favorite Rock

October 10th, 2011

10-10-11There was a 2 ton piece of granite in an area of my yard a couple of houses ago. Pushed to its resting place during the last ice-age the rock was in a far-off corner, going unnoticed and grown over in this river valley carved nearly 20,000 years ago. Going unnoticed, that is, until I noticed it. I wanted everyone else to notice it so I decided to move it to a new spot at the end of my drive near the road. I also decided to make this the most famous rock in my town, by carving a bronze plaque into it. The effect was immediate. The road is used as a bicycle trail and running trail as well as a main commute route for parents taking their children to school. The lesson to all who stop to read the words on the plaque is simple, making it easy for everyone to live out its message. Thousands have viewed this rock in its new location over the past 5 years. I drove out of my way to see this “most famous” rock when I was in Cleveland a week ago. It is still there, inspiring all who choose to read its message.

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