Nutrition for the Inside and Outside of the Child

October 5th, 2011

The Kitchen Community is a new nonprofit, founded in 2011, connecting children to real food by creating Learning Gardens in elementary schools across America. In two day’s time I serendipitously met two individuals, Jessica and Bert, on two separate occasions who told me of their involvement in The Kitchen Community. I had to research this organization and then I realized I had to write about it.
Started by the philanthropic arm of The Kitchen, a restaurant in Boulder, Colorado, this organization’s goal is to get wholesome food in the lunchrooms of schools across America. Teaching children wise nutrition choices in food is impossible when there are no foods of nutritional value from which to choose. Because of the deficit of nutrition, the United States has one of the highest rates of childhood obesity and childhood diabetes in the world.
The same can be said for kindness. Teaching children wise choices in caring for and respecting one another is impossible when there is a lack of any choice of values. Curriculum needs to reach classrooms to make up the deficit of core values which aren’t being taught at home.
Today’s ride was incredible through the CU campus, along Boulder Creek and through the streets of Boulder.

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