Paying It Forward Full Time

October 9th, 2011

Witnessing an act of kindness becomes contagious, immediately having influence upon the viewer. One bit of information I share with my audience as I travel is that One Million Acts Of Kindness is an individual goal that needs to happen individually but also by hundreds of millions in this country and by billions across the globe. It is possible!! Individuals going about living their lives but with a constant mind-set of kindness. To me, this is how we change hatred toward our fellow man. It is also how we live longer, healthier, more satisfying lives.
Earlier this week I met Charley Johnson and a few members of his team from the Pay It Forward Foundation. Charley created a Pay It Forward wristband program which has spread across the globe. The premise is to have the wristband be used as a reminder to spread kind acts to others and then pass it on. The 1st annual Pay It Forward Experience Conference is October 19-21 featuring many well known speakers, what a great way to spread kindness.
The days are growing shorter very quickly, as well as the weather becoming more fall-like. I am going to ride 3 “century rides” in the next 7 days honoring 3 individuals.

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