Recoup and Regroup

October 14th, 2011

10-14-11I have discovered, that the day after a Century Ride, I need to take the day to recover and, at my age, make sure everything is still in working order. Just as important, I need to recoup my strength for another Century Ride this upcoming Sunday. Taking the day to myself, I used the time to organize the interior of The Kindness Bus. With the return of Bogart, I had to make way for his sleeping area which I have been using as a storage area in his absence. I am given so many items as I travel and have to find space for the items which can be challenging as there is precious little space in my 84 square foot living area. Most of the items I receive are books which I read as time presents itself. One of the most creatively fun items I was recently given is a mobile which I hung above my bed. It helps to bring out the inner-child in me and also inspires me with the words that are written on the panels; dreaming, enjoyment, fulfillment, together, dancing, more, laughter and love.

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