October 7th, 2011

10-7-11Feather Berkower travels the country presenting workshops on keeping children safe from sexual predators. She is a 25-year veteran in this field, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and holds a Master’s of Social Welfare. Brilliant, is the word that comes to mind in describing her knowledge and the means she uses to present information to her audience. I attended one of her workshops today as a guest of the Blue Sky Bridge Child and Family Advocacy Center in Boulder, Colorado. These courses are a must for all parents and caregivers everywhere!! Parenting Safe Children courses, if used as presented, could literally stop predators, dead in their tracks. The courses educate parents and caregivers what makes children vulnerable to sexual abuse, they empower children by teaching about body-safety rules, teach the techniques for screening caregivers effectively, and they teach policies, reporting guidelines and screening techniques for organizations.
Feather co-authored “Off Limits,” a parenting book that presents easy to follow guidelines for keeping children, homes and communities off limits to child sexual abusers. ┬áHer website is
Please spread word of these workshops to everyone you know!!

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