Alpha Kappa Alpha

November 14th, 2011

11-14-11Carol Noreen Executive Director of Casa in Sacramento told me about Alpha Kappa Alpha. This sorority helped to found CASA in this city. I admit that I hadn’t heard of AKA so I decided that I should research the organization. The first item on their website I noticed was their motto; “Service to All Mankind.” This all-women, African American sorority gets involved in all sorts of service projects to help others across the nation, and has been doing so since being founded in 1908. The program initiatives recognize the heightened needs of our youth.
A week after learning about the AKA, I met a woman who was wearing a bright green and pink leather AKA coat. She was standing in line in front of me at a restaurant. I walked away without making any conversation. Her not easy to miss coat was talking to me and I realized how could I walk away and not thank her after this serendipitous connection? The coat was worn by Gloria from the Atlanta Chapter of the AKA. I told her of my recent knowledge of AKA and of my mission and thanked her for all of the work her group does, especially for children.
Today was the 3rd day of a four day break from riding The Kindness Bicycle.

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