Apple Inc.

November 10th, 2011

11-10-11The question of the day for me was; How could I not stop at Apple Inc when I am in Cupertino, California? The most creative place on the face of the earth needed a visit from the most creative bus on the face of the earth. I guessed right and as luck would have it, the number one parking space right next to the main entrance became available just as I was pulling onto the campus. It became apparent to me immediately, that hundreds of people from across the world come to do business each and every day at Apple Inc. Creative people love creative ideas and The Kindness Bus fit the bill. So many people stopped by to talk and take photos. Alex from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was thrilled at what he saw and took pictures from every possible angle. This campus was as friendly as I could have imagined, I was parked at a very busy spot for over an hour and a half and no one seemed bothered. I somehow think Steve Jobs was smiling down on The Kindness Bus, knowing what a great sight it was on his Apple Inc grounds.
My Kindness Bicycle ride through Cupertino was along main roads with wide bike lanes, making it a joy to ride in temperatures in the 70s.

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