I Love a Woman in Uniform

November 2nd, 2011

11-2-11 b“I was praying that your meter was current because I can’t ticket a bus like this!,” parking officer Rochelle told me. I happened to arrive back at The Kindness Bus just as Rochelle came walking up to me. “This has a message for everyone.” Rochelle loves The Kindness Bus and has a strong belief and want to get back to some of the core values she was brought up with and on which this country was founded. She was a joy to talk with, and holding a stack of Kindness stickers, not a parking ticket. How can you not love this wonderful woman in uniform?
Gail from a State agency spotted The Kindness Bicycle at lunch and wanted to learn more about The Kindness Bicycle/Bus Tour. Unbelievably, at day’s end, she was parked just a few parking spaces from The Kindness Bus. She left with a handful of information which she is going to spread to everyone she knows.
Today’s ride took me through the downtown streets of Sacramento. The beautiful weather and this friendly town made it a joy to be riding The Kindness Bicycle.
Thank you to Jeremy, the Head Chef from The 4th Street Grille for the great lunch and the interest in The Kindness Tour.

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