Less Than a Dozen Days

November 12th, 2011

11-12-11Thanksgiving is fast approaching. It is the holiday that gets many of us thinking about the needs of others. That is the situation in many cases; it gets people thinking. Thinking, but not acting upon what you know you should do. Most of us tend to be this way, but with the increasing urgency of the need this year, we cannot afford to stand by an not do a thing yet again.
There are less than a dozen days until this beautiful holiday. Most everyone has the entire weekend off. This year do something out of the box and do more than think about others in need, do for those in need. How many cold turkey sandwiches can you eat, watching football all weekend, while others go hungry?
Each year, for the entire week of Thanksgiving, The Kindness Bus Tour spends the week at a charity in the town we are visiting. This year The San Francisco Food Bank is on my radar screen. Bogart has helped the last couple of years, but this year, being that it is a food bank, he might eat more than his fair share.

Today is the first of four days off, from riding The Kindness Bicycle.

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