San Francisco

November 8th, 2011

11-8-11What an incredible town! People from countries all over the world come to visit and explore all San Francisco has to offer. On this day, there was an unexpected sight, The Kindness Bicycle. I love when the world comes out to witness the common sense beauty of The Kindness Bicycle. I love receiving verbal and nonverbal affirmations as well. Some days I ride and don’t spend time having many conversations, letting the bike do all the talking so to speak, today was one of those days. I did however talk when people would initiate conversation, one of those conversations was with Aiko who was trained by SAVE in helping those affected by Domestic Violence. She immediately saw the impact of The Kindness Bicycle and came over to thank me. Knut and Ingrid from Norway talked with me about family matters in their country. Knut is a family attorney in Norway. He works to protect the abused. He loved the idea of a man riding such a bicycle. “Men need to tell men,” he said.
San Francisco has many great things to offer, one of them is that it is a great place to ride The Kindness Bicycle.

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