“The Heart of True Love”

November 13th, 2011

11-13-11I met Schev and his wife Diane during my extended stay in Boulder, Colorado. They are a remarkable couple. Schev was busy working on his computer, in his chair when I walked by him the very first time. From the look of pride in his eyes, I could tell he had a story he wished to share with me. We talked for a while on a few occasions, and it was after those talks that he shared with me that he had written a book.
Schev’s book of poetry “The Heart of True Love” is a compilation of the many writings Schev has been working on throughout most of his life. It is a very comforting read. It is just the type of book one should read to quiet one’s mind. Thank you Schev for the wonderful gift of poetry for all of us to enjoy.
Today was the 2nd of four days off, from riding The Kindness Bicycle, It feels great to take some time off!!

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