Century Ride for the Kids

December 2nd, 2011

12-2-11What a day to decide to do a Century Ride. Today’s ride was for the Homeless, Neglected and Abused children in San Francisco. The weather was perfect and all systems were go. Riding 100 miles really isn’t physically demanding, it is just monotony at about mile marker 60 to about mile marker 90, then I speed just to get finished. Thoughts keep going through your mind, such as, “Are we there yet?” After hour number one, I had ridden 11miles and was well on my way to an early evening finish, hopefully before dark. Being in the vicinity of Lombard Street, I decided to take on the curviest road in the world. I rode from the comfort of flat terrain for the 1st hour and then the steepest hills in San Francisco for the 2nd. I decided that flat is where it’s at so I rode back down to comfort. For the next few hours I rode and it seemed as if I was getting nowhere. The hours moved on but the odometer didn’t seem to match my pace. It was the longest day of riding I have ever had. For 18 hours with 3 hours of repairs and breaks, I rode The Kindness Bicycle. I am thinking that I quite possibly rode 125 miles. It is definitely time to get a new odometer.
Visit YouTube and TheBogartChannel to view the ride down Lombard Street.

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