Disconnection Reconnection

December 3rd, 2011

Needing a day to recover from yesterday’s century ride, I headed to the waterfront for a very short ride and a long visit to the Farmers Market. Thousands of visitors head to this popular Saturday morning spot to buy fresh produce. Today they got an added visual, The Kindness Bus.
Two people of the many people who stopped to talk with me while I was back at The Kindness Bus were Janet  and Zoe. So many people over the years have shared personal details of their lives with me, perhaps in seeing some of the meaningful quotes on The Kindness Bus, they feel comfortable in sharing their feelings. Janet stopped by while I was sitting in The Kindness Bus to talk with me about her relationship with her daughter. She shared with me how they have grown apart and are having a hard time seeing eye to eye. She is going to visit her daughter in Texas for Christmas and after seeing The Kindness Bus, she is going to make amends with her. The writing that resonated with her was “Forgiveness will bring peace to your life.”
Zoe has very little contact with her father in France. She is going there over New Years to see him after a long time away. We talked quite extensively about having a good relationship with her father. She is going to make a plan to make things right with him.
This was a very huge day for The Kindness Bus Tour.
On the homepage of this website there is a Parent’s Vow Certificate for reconnecting with a parent or child. It is well worth a look.

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