Food, Clothing, Shelter……and LOVE

December 4th, 2011

12-4-11In the words of the late Paul Harvey, “And now the rest of the story.”
Most of us, while growing up, learned of the 3 basic needs humans must have for survival; food, clothing and shelter. Keeping one’s body nourished and protected from the elements is necessary throughout your entire life. It is even more important for children to be cared for because of their vulnerability. Caring goes well beyond just the physical needs, caring is about the inner well-being of a child. Showing a child and teaching a child to care for others and to love and help those in need is the greatest lesson of all.
Teaching a child to love all life long is the fourth basic need and might very well be the most important. It is imperative this need begins to be taught to all children. “All you need is love.”

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