Malibu, California

December 12th, 2011

12-12-11Bogart worked wonders in this beachside community today. I got a late start from new friend Michael Townsend and headed to Malibu High School, to start my day, with the hopes of presenting to the student body after the New Year. With a call from Malibu Chronicle’s, Publisher and Editor, Paul Michael Ruffman to schedule an interview soon after, I headed out in an all day rain and temps in the 50s, barely noticed. I decided to get Bogart out of The Kindness Bus to do a little PR work. Bogart, donned in his collared Polo and brought comfort and joy to all of Malibu.
The six degrees of separation surfaced today as Brittani and Gabby, who are in their first year of Veterinary School at Ohio State, loved Bogart and were head over when I told them we are from Ohio and had visited their campus.
I am hoping to put some miles on The Kindness Bicycle tomorrow as the weather is supposed to be more conducive to riding.
Thank you to Brittani and Gabby for suggesting and taking today’s picture.

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