Having the POWER

January 7th, 2012

When talking to my audiences I like to inform them that I hope to inspire each and every one of them in attendance. One of my talks, centers on the fact that at some point in everyone’s life, each one of us will have the opportunity to dedicate the remainder of our life to a charity. The opportunity doesn’t happen too often in one’s life so it is imperative to stay aware of your own personal calling. Being cognizant of this, you will know when the timing is right for you. To me, there are 5 criteria which must be met before you can dedicate the rest of your life to a charity. I like to refer to it as having the POWER. The acronym is as follows;
P = Passion. You must have incredible passion for what you want to do. I use the analogy that you would jump through the TV screen to hold the baby who is suffering.
O = Opportunity. Every now and then the window of opportunity is open for you to do whatever you wish with your life. Your responsibilities are minimum and no one or thing is relying on you to hold you from doing what you wish.
W = Want. You have to want to help with your whole heart. You have to care so much, that you would give up your comfortable lifestyle and live amongst those you wish to help, even if it means having to live in the conditions of a third world country.
E = Educated. You have to be educated in every facet of what you are about to undertake. It has to be a win-win situation, where everyone benefits. I use the example of drilling wells in Africa. If you drill wells to bring water to villagers of a town but the water takes from the aquifer and another nearby village’s wells dry up because of your drilling, it is not a win-win for everyone.
R = Resources. You have to have the money or money from others to support your efforts for a lifetime. Oftentimes, you have to sacrifice various aspects of what comfort level you are accustomed to, to have the resources to provide for those you are helping.
Once you have the POWER, you are ready to go take on the world.

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