“It’s Being Your Best, All Day Every Day”

January 3rd, 2012

“How am I going to ever do One Million Acts Of Kindness in my lifetime,?” he said. “There is no way!”
This is a question and a statement that I hear every so often on The Kindness Bus Tour. The sheer numbers of an individual performing One Million Acts Of Kindness are staggering. Fifty acts of kindness every day for nearly fifty-five years. The beauty of the numbers is that a constant mindset of kindness occurs in the individual while working to achieve the lifetime goal.
Performing one million physical acts of kindness in one’s life is probably an impossible feat. However, what I like to say to everyone is that partnering the physical acts of kindness with the “kind acts from the heart,” an individual is certainly able to perform One Million Acts Of Kindness in one’s life.
“Kind acts from the heart” are what we seemed to have gotten away from in this country…in this world. “Kind acts from the heart” are wishing and wanting goodness and wishing no harm for everyone you come in contact with and think about, during the course of the day. It will take a lifetime however, that is the beauty of the goal. It will also create the kindest, most caring and loving individual you ever imagined you could be.
After explaining this to the man, he said, “Oh, it’s being your best, all day, every day.” To which I replied, “It doesn’t get any easier than that.”

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