Millridge School

January 12th, 2012

1-12-12I love Millridge School in Mayfield Heights, Ohio. I have visited this school four times and every time it seems to get better. Anita Davidson arranged for my visit today and organized nine classrooms of students to be treated to a presentation of “Where’s Bogart?” Every previous visit to this school included Bogart, except today’s.
Today, I updated the students on this summer’s Kindness Bicycle Tour and what Bogart did while I was pedaling cross country. While I talked, three very humorous photos of how Bogart enjoyed his summer vacation were projected on the screens in every classroom. Bogart, to the delight of the students, was shown in a swimming pool, sitting in a lounge chair and celebrating his birthday.
We also talked about Bogart’s book series and read his first book to all of the students. The students have been learning about writing books. They were excited to learn that some of the colorful letters they had written to Bogart from my previous visits were sent along with Bogart’s book to many publishers. These letters show the great interest in the Bogart book series.
Thank you Millridge School.

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