Subliminal Kindness

January 2nd, 2012

1-2-12Prior to my leaving on The Kindness Bus Tour, thoughts of the positive impact that this mission might have on the lives of those I talked with, were given much consideration. Very early on, it became apparent that The Kindness Bus would take on a life of its own. The messages are powerful to say the least. When people are invited to write, I ask them to think of a thought that they would wish the entire world would love to read. Over 400 people have written beautiful, caring prose.
In nearly three years, The Kindness Bus has been viewed by millions of people. People write me very moving emails regarding the powerful impact a message written on its body may have had on them, or the impact The Kindness Bus had in its entirety.
People from months and even years ago can remember exactly what part of the country they saw it.
Yesterday I met Kelli, Jo and Dillon in New York. Kelli told me she had seen the bus last year. I assumed that she had seen it in New York last spring. As it turns out, she told me she had seen it in San Francisco over a month ago. This reaction is fast becoming more commonplace.
Kind acts that are witnessed can be very moving for the viewer. Lessons learned can be remembered for a lifetime to come. The Kindness Bus is having that same impact.

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