The 1%, the 99%, and the Individual

January 15th, 2012

Kindness knows no boundaries. Geographic, political, religious, race, socio-economic, ethnicity, age or sex, whomever you are or no matter what group you represent, kindness is for you and for everyone else. I love the diverse melting pot of this planet. I love the prospect that someday we may all put aside our differences because of kindness. That day, I hope comes much sooner than later.
Kindness is truly up to the individual. It’s a choice. Being kind along socio-economic lines is a topic seldom addressed.
I was born into a very middle class family and in the first half of my life, I never felt like I was lacking anything. I spent the 2nd half of my life living among the top one thousandth of the 1% and felt the same. The past 3 years of living on The Kindness Bus, with nearly everything at a minimal level of habitation, I have found happiness I never knew existed.
During the two earlier lives I experienced, I know people who earn barely the poverty level of income and would literally give you the shirt off their back, I also know people of the same means who would never think to share a single cent with anyone. The greed was amazing to me, even at this level of income. I have also witnessed, first hand, people with stratospheric wealth who build wings on hospitals, give tirelessly to charities around the world and who help by donating tens of millions of dollars to fund research to find cures for diseases. I also know individuals with stratospheric wealth who seem to think only of themselves. The greed is amazing to me, especially at this level of income.
To me, there is no 1%, there is no 99%. There is only 100%. All of life’s choices are up to the individual, no matter the income.

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