Updating The Kindness Bus Paint Job

January 5th, 2012

Occasionally an opportunity presents itself, where it is logical to add a new quote to The Kindness Bus. That is the case in adding a new quote to one of its rear windows. People passing by The Kindness Bus on the road, view it from behind and usually pass me on the left, making the left rear window a very prime location.
One major event which took place to The Kindness Bus, over a year and a half ago, has never been addressed. In the summer of 2009, The Kindness Bus visited all 49 firehouses in Manhattan. The most powerful visit was when The Kindness Bus rode down the ramp to the firehouse in Ground Zero. This most important event will now be mentioned on the left rear window.
Having heroes to learn about, keeps the memory of these heroes ever present in the minds of all of us. Students, as well, in the schools I visit, need to know about these heroes. The Kindness Bus will now help to accomplish this.

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