Veterans Hospital, Breckville, Ohio

January 14th, 2012

1-14-12With only two days left to my stay in the east before I head back to the west coast, I realized that I had precious, little time left to accomplish all of my goals. I have much to do in these couple of days. Yesterday I ventured out in the icy weather and visited the Veterans Hospital in Brecksville, Ohio. George, a proud decorated veteran was my VA connection. This facility which has been open for decades, is slated to be closed in late February. A skeleton crew is all that remains, but George was all I really needed today. He was instrumental in helping me to plan my Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes by giving me a booklet which gives specific details of every VA facility in the country and helping with other pertinent details.
Today I visited police and fire stations in Chagrin Falls and Gates Mills, a fire station in Mayfield Heights and a police station in Hunting Valley, Ohio. Matt a firefighter at the Mayfield station invited me in for a dinner and personnel at all the other facilities, where present, were pleased to learn of this ride. This ride, without a doubt, will be extremely impactful.

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