Bike Effect

February 18th, 2012

2-18-12I have yet to figure it out, but nearly everyone rides their bicycle faster than I. Discounting the streamlined aerodynamic features of The Kindness Bicycle, I am still one of the slowest cyclists on the road.
Near the end of my “century” ride yesterday, I was stopped by Steven Carre, a Marine, who spotted the WoundedWarrior sign on the bike. During our powerful conversation, Steven also told me he owns a bicycle shop, called Bike Effect. He looked at The Kindness Bicycle and told me he would like to make it ride as good as it was designed to perform.
This morning I stopped by Bike Effect. A large group of cyclists was assembling for a road ride. Steven introduced me to many of these great men and women. I also had the pleasure of meeting Alison, the other owner, Larry, who was assigned the honor of masterfully transforming The Kindness Bicycle to like-new condition and Scott, one of the other professional mechanics. The Kindness Bicycle was the “beast” among these high tech, precise machines the other riders were sporting. I saved face with saying to one of the riders, “just as it is with life, it’s not about the equipment you have, it’s what you do with that equipment.”
During my day of “recovery,” I stopped at a very popular outdoor workout areas in this town. It is a place of very fit people. I took The Kindness Bus and just let things unfold on their own. Some incredible conversations took place. Two of the most important were with local teachers. Toby, a local 1st grade teacher says she is always looking for great programs to bring into her classroom; One Million Acts Of Kindness fits the bill she said. Noelle and her friend Amy stopped by. Noelle is a former school counselor. She now teaches kindergarten and was tickled pink over the Kindness Certificates and One Million Acts Of Kindness Week. If both of these teachers “run with the kindness ball,” great seeds of kindness can take hold in their students lives. I love letting kids know that they are part of “The Kindness Generation.”

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