Boy with a Quarter

February 21st, 2012

2-21-12Every now and then I have writer’s block and have a hard time picking a topic or just the right words to write in my blog. Thoughts do finally come to me and inspiring words are shared. This was not the case today. I was at a complete loss of words and didn’t stroke a single letter on my keyboard. Even though I had a very busy day, it was as if nothing happened, so I decided to give it an overnight rest.
Freshly rested and ready to take on a busy day, I then realized that one of the most powerfully inspiring things happened to me yesterday, since the beginning of The Kindness Bus Tour, and I completely missed it. It could quite possibly be, because it was such a simple gesture.
While resting for a bit on The Kindness Bicycle at a street corner, a boy of about 13 years of age approached me. “Can I make a donation to you,” he said. I try not to interact with kids unless an adult is present, but this young man was wanting to help. He was reading the, ‘Riding for Wounded Warriors’ sign as he walked up. “I only have a quarter, it’s all I have,” he continued. “There are people who need this quarter more than me.”
Everything I am trying to accomplish with One Million Acts Of Kindness is personified in this young man. He is the kind of individual who has been nurtured in kindness and it is reflected in his actions. Every one of us could learn from the this very caring, boy with a quarter.   Today’s picture is of Army Sergeant,  Tyrone with The Kindness Bicycle for Heroes. We were attending the Salute to Veterans dinner/dance at the VA Los Angeles Medical Center.

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