Every Branch of the Service Represented

February 20th, 2012

2-21-12Having a longer amount of time to complete the 4,000 Mile Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes has reduced my daily ride lengths, allowing me to interact with more people during the course of the day. This I love!!
It is all about the people when you are off on a ride like this. I have met large numbers of all five branches of the military, their families and friends. It is a very proud, patriotic family.
Elizabeth, from North Carolina, who I met this morning, is a very involved Wounded Warrior supporter. She was brought up in an Army family. When she spotted The Kindness Bicycle, she circled the block to come back to talk with me. A good friend of hers is a Wounded Warrior and she wants to do her part to help as needed.
Rob and Amy a young couple who understands the importance of my mission, she works with preschoolers and he with college students, are contacting me to help with One Million Acts Of Kindness Week 2013.
Beth, the General Manager at Marmalade, a local restaurant, offered great words of inspiration and support.

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