Something Good Will Come of This

February 8th, 2012

2-8-12I headed north to Leucadia, California in The Kindness Bus to meet with Hero Michael Fox’s dad, Tweed. Ever since reading his quote that “something good will come of this,” I’ve wanted to hear what thoughts he has. What great ideas he has planned to help Marines in need. I will write about what he has planned, in the near future. He is focusing on long term help on an individual basis. A website and Facebook has been put in place and I will write about that as well.
Today’s ride was once again, in perfect conditions. Being through this town a little over a week ago, I talked with some of the same friendly people.
Ryan and Megan, a young couple I talked with were very interested and are spreading word to family back in Philadelphia that The Kindness Bus will be through their town in late spring.
That’s what I love, a message of Kindness and Heroes from coast to coast

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