Century Ride for LVMPD Sgt. Henry Prendes

March 12th, 2012

3-12-12Las Vegas Metro Police Department Sgt. Henry Prendes was killed in the line of duty during a Domestic Violence call. It is because of my Domestic Violence ride this summer and his deep religious convictions, that I felt such a strong connection to Sgt. Prendes. The respect from the community was so obvious as I rode through all parts of Las Vegas. One of the memorable moments was riding past a line that was 4 people wide for 2 blocks, waiting to get into the “Pawn Stars” shop. The first few people started cheering and applauding The Kindness Bicycle and it continued like a wave the length of the line.
Laura Meltzer, Police Information Officer took the time to meet me at 6AM at the Police Memorial Park to start her day a couple of hours early. Riding to honor a Hero from her Police Department took precedent over everything else this morning. Ray Flynn, Assistant Sheriff of the LVMPD, also took time from his extremely busy schedule to talk with me and pose with The Kindness Bicycle. The miles were very tough today with steady winds and gusts at 30mph. It seemed that no matter what direction I rode, the wind was blowing in my face.
Las Vegas Sun reporter Jackie Valley and photographer Leila Navidi are putting together a very nice article for the Sun. Thank you to both of you for helping to spread the word of The Kindness Bicycle Ride for Heroes.
Nick, a cameraman from Channel 8 met me at 6AM as well, he was truly a consummate professional.
Travis from Channel 13 and a news crew from Channel 3 both did a piece on my ride today. Travis was a blast to work with. You got to love a guy who has an Anchorman bumper sticker of Will Ferrell on his car. It was a “hat trick” of TV stations, a first for The Kindness Bus Tour, I know Laura Meltzer had something to do with it. Thank you to everyone for helping to honor Hero, Sgt. Henry Prendes.

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